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The New, Carbon Neutral Philosophy of Frank Dalene

Frank Dalene | Founder, President and CEO of Telemark, Inc.

Frank Dalene has brought Scandinavian values and quality to construction projects for the last four decades. That tradition continues to this day but with an equally-vital new tenet: carbon neutrality, being the first business in his industry to be certified carbon neutral. His ICEMAN methodology is not only transforming the construction industry; it is bringing carbon neutrality to all manufacturing and to the masses.

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Iceman Cometh…

ICEMAN or International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed Neutrality is the market-based solution that gives the power to consumers to choose products with the lowest possible carbon footprint from Carbon Index, Inc. CEO Frank Dalene.

With a proven method of establishing carbon emissions, carbon offsets, and carbon neutrality of various products and services, Dalene’s ICEMAN system gives consumers the visibility they need to make better purchasing decisions for the environment while capturing the power of competitive advantage to drive down carbon emissions on a grand—hopefully global—scale.

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Work with Carbon Factor, Inc. to give your business a competitive advantage in the new consumer landscape. Companies can no longer afford to ignore the demands of conscientious consumers. With Carbon Factor’s ICEMAN system, your company gets the help it needs to evaluate carbon emissions, carbon offsets, and overall carbon neutrality of its various products, services, and development projects. Equipped with clear-cut and actionable data, the time is now to change how you do business and join the grassroots movement that’s stopping climate change in its tracks.

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