We have to do this now,

and we have to do it together. If we do, we can, quite literally, save the world.”

Frank Dalene | CEO Telemark, Inc. | Author

Frank Dalene is President and CEO of Telemark, Inc, a construction services business he co-founded with his brother Roy in 1978. Born in Norway but raised in the states since he was eight months old, Frank grew up in a largely Norwegian community. The Scandinavian love of the outdoors and their consciousness for the environment were integral in shaping Frank’s identity.

Over the past four decades, Telemark has become known for their superior quality, craftsmanship and also for being a national leader, embracing the very latest in energy efficiencies—including the completion of the world’s first Certified Carbon Neutral Building in the Construction Stage. On an even larger scale, Frank is innovating the manner in which companies can assess their carbon footprint. Through his ICEMAN (International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed to Neutrality) methodology, companies can get an accurate snapshot of their product’s carbon emissions on a standardized scale.

An in-demand speaker, Frank has presented keynotes across the world on sustainable construction, carbon neutrality, and ICEMAN. To date, Frank has been quoted and his work appeared in myriad publications including The New York Times, New York Post, Architectural Digest, and The Wall Street Journal among many others.

Frank’s wife Gwen serves as CFO at Telemark. High school sweethearts, the couple has been together since they were 18 years old. Their daughter and son-in-law are both architects in an award-winning firm in East Hampton. Frank and Gwen Frank founded the Dalene Family Foundation and Kris Dalene Music Scholarship Fund in memory of their son.

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