Decarbonize The World

A market-based solution to the climate crisis

What if it was possible to harness the market forces of competitive advantage to reduce greenhouse gasses? For Decarbonize the World author and Carbon Factor, Inc. CEO, Frank Dalene, the solution already exists.

While the world’s governments have tried all regulations and protocols to curb greenhouse gas emissions, true change won’t be possible without the mass mobilization of grassroots citizens demanding something better—for themselves, for future generations, and for the planet.

Enter ICEMAN—International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed Neutrality. A market-based solution that gives the power to consumers to choose products with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

As Dalene defines it, “ICEMAN is an innovative mechanism that applies established sciences and protocols developed for the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions to calculate the sum of greenhouse gasses emitted throughout every part of the supply chain—for the product itself and for all the materials and components it contains. The calculation encompasses the taking of raw material from the ground, the entire manufacturing process, and the transportation of the product to market.”

The result is a carbon neutrality percentage applied to every product (like nutrition facts) so that consumers can make the most informed—and climate friendly—decision possible. Importantly, as Dalene’s book details, solving the climate crisis isn’t a policy issue, but a supply and demand issue. As consumers become more educated, most want to use that knowledge for good. Once they begin scooping up more carbon neutral products, the markets will be forced to respond, driving down emissions exponentially.

ICEMAN is an actionable solution and model for reducing our carbon footprint,” Dalene explains. “Thereby preserving our planet and our ability to survive—all while benefiting businesses and the economy.”

Frank Dalene - Decarbonize the World (Amazon Best Seller)- book cover

“His new book, Decarbonize the World, is evidence of why Frank was the indisputable top candidate to receive this award from his alma mater.”

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Learn more about what’s possible with a consumer-centric, competitive advantage-based solution to the climate crisis. By generating consumer demand for deeply carbon neutral products, Frank Dalene believes we can preserve the planet for future generations. Download your free chapter of Decarbonize the World today!

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