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What’s your product’s or project’s
carbon footprint?

Through rigorous testing and measurement procedures, and the application of well-accepted sciences, ICEMAN evaluates carbon emissions, carbon offsets, and overall carbon neutrality of various products, services, and development projects. With clear-cut specifications and voluntary measurement standards, ICEMAN is a market-friendly methodology for ensuring your business stays competitive by combating the climate crisis.

Core offerings include:

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ICEMAN Carbon Factor®

The ICEMAN Carbon Factor program has developed testing specifications and procedures for measuring and evaluating the carbon footprint of a product and its manufacturing process. We can measure the carbon emissions released in the manufacture of a product and by its raw materials and components during its manufacturing. With access to the voluntary standards, businesses can modify their manufacturing processes as needed to maintain good emissions levels identified through the ICEMAN Carbon Factor program.

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ICEMAN Carbon Factor Index®

The ICEMAN Carbon Factor Index program establishes worse case scenario carbon footprint criteria data by which products can be evaluated, will establish the index number of “0”, or 0% carbon neutral, while the index number of “100” will be 100% carbon neutral.

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ICEMAN Carbon Factor Offset®

The Carbon Factor Offset is a measurement of unused carbon credits used to offset the carbon emissions of the Carbon Factor Index, (CFI). The Carbon Factor Offset value will be tracked with the Carbon Factor Index value since the carbon offsets accumulated during the manufacturing process may be used, saved, sold or traded. At any point during the calculation of the CFI, carbon offsets may be used to offset carbon emissions to create an index indicating partially carbon neutral, carbon neutral or a CFI exceeding 100.

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