The Bipartisan Solution to Carbon Emissions

The Bipartisan Solution to Carbon Emissions

It is no secret that the United States is a deeply divided, partisan country. It’s part of the reason it has been so difficult to pass meaningful climate legislation. And it’s the reason I believe ICEMAN is the bipartisan solution we so desperately need.

This belief is not unfounded. I have shown ICEMAN to both Republican and Democratic legislators, and they have all been hugely supportive. I’ve met with Senators, Congressmen, and senior regulators in the EPA and DOE. I sent them my executive summary, then met and sat down with them face-to-face. Republican, Democrat, legislator, and regulator, no one has any opposition. No legislator or department official I’ve shown ICEMAN to has been able to shoot any holes in it.

Unfortunately, until now, there simply has not been the political capital to fund the implementation of ICEMAN. Nothing can move forward until funding and the allocation of personnel are approved by Congress. There must be a legislative act to fund the EPA and possibly the DOE to work on this project and assign personnel to it.

Now, the time is right.

Before, there wasn’t the groundswell from the grassroots needed to get the government to respond. Now, we have reached a tipping point. The moment has come when there is enough of a groundswell of support for saving the environment that legislative action can be taken.

The Biden Administration has clearly and forcefully made environ­mental policy one of its top priorities. Fighting climate change and creating green jobs are at the forefront of the agenda—as demonstrated by the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, along with its significant climate-related provisions, in August 2022.

These provisions are, of course, long overdue—and the time is right for ICEMAN. Now, there is the political capital to fund this project. This administration is going to continue to push hard on climate change. If you don’t get on board, you’re going to be left behind. ICEMAN can become a part of this administration’s progressive climate agenda. In fact, ICEMAN can be the missing piece of the puzzle that makes the Green New Deal being proposed by legislators like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really work.

The greatest concern about the current Green New Deal legisla­tion as it has been proposed is the economic impact. Critics of the Green New Deal are concerned that it will be an economic catastrophe. Implementing ICEMAN will alleviate that criticism and fear from the other side. If the Green New Deal incorporated ICEMAN, it would eliminate the opposition that predicts economic disaster. In fact, I believe it would just about guarantee that the Green New Deal gets passed. ICEMAN would be a benefit to the Green New Deal programs while benefiting the economy at the same time. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone—and for the planet.

A climate change mechanism that can harness positive market forces can stimulate economic growth, corporate growth, and fiscal health—while also effectively combatting climate change—is a win-win situation for everyone, regardless of political belief or place in society.


Let’s Battle Climate Change by Adopting ICEMAN. Each person who signs my petition will be telling Congress that they believe climate change can be beaten and that America has an obligation to lead the way. Thank you for your support! Sign here.