Your Role in Creating a Decarbonized Future

Your Role in Creating a Decarbonized Future

A decarbonized future will require a movement—and a movement is made up of individual people. This means we all have a role to play in creating that future. Individuals have to take personal responsibility—and that is something you can start doing today.

As individuals take personal responsibility, they’ll inspire their friends, their neighbors, and their communities. Thus, building the movement into a collective effort. As more individual people and communities get involved, it will inspire even more people and communities to get involved, creating a positive feedback loop.

This movement has already started. As more people join, the momentum will become unstoppable. At some point, we will reach a critical mass, and the whole country will come on board—followed by the whole world.

I believe this is already happening as we speak. I see it in my daughter’s generation. Her generation understands that they need to take care of the environment, because they have to live in it, and their children will have to live in it. They are therefore willing to make choices to achieve a better future. Most people of the upcoming generation are willing to spend a little more money to effectuate that change, knowing that it will save them—save them money, save their lives, save the planet—in the long run.

The next generation has started to open my generation’s eyes. We’re starting to understand that what we did was wrong. Now, we have to correct it, before handing the planet over to our children. Now, we have a chance to forward a movement to reverse all the bad things that we have done for the environment, going all the way back to the Industrial Revolution. Now, we have the chance to say, “How can we fix this? How can I as an individual take responsibility to make this planet a better place?”

I believe ICEMAN can be a part of this effort to reverse our mistakes—but in order for ICEMAN to help us reach that decarbonized future, I need your help.

If you are a legislator, part of your role in creating a decarbonized future can be taking action on implementing ICEMAN. Pass legislation requiring businesses to report their greenhouse gas emissions, regardless of size. Empower the EPA and DOE to fund and support a partnership with ICEMAN.

If you are a business owner, part of your role in creating a decarbonized future can be supporting ICEMAN, lobbying for it to be implemented, and, when it is, including CFI labels on your packaging. I am an entrepreneur with a small business. I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of going carbon neutral. I know there are others out there who will want to do the same. I’m asking you to be one of them.

If you are a consumer reading this book, you don’t have to wait for the government and businesses to take action. You too can have a role in creating a decarbonized future. When we take personal responsibility for our carbon emissions, it can become viral in its own right. You can contact your representatives and tell them you support ICEMAN and that you want them to support it. Representatives want to know what their constitu­ents want. It’s how our political system works. Tell your representa­tives to implement ICEMAN.

We all have a role to play in saving our environment, our planet, ourselves, and our future. Together, we truly can change the world.